Simply Clever

Crystalline elements also appear in the ‘inactive’ area of the integrated taillights. And the reverse and flasher lamps , plus the LED part of the fog lights, are hidden behind ‘gems’, making the Superb’s lighting signature even more distinctive.

The Bi-Xenon headlamps include decorative cut crystal high beam lamps. Illuminated ‘eyelashes’ also feature in the high-spec headlamps.

The intricately-detailed headlights draw inspiration from and celebrate the renowned Bohemian glass-cutting skills.

The style quotient of the car is underlined by the decorative door-sill strips with the Superb inscription. A clear nod to the car’s overall blend of form and function.

The sleek sharp contours of the external side-view mirrors with integrated indicators whip up a sporty look, while the larger mirror ensures total functionality.

The Superb will open up new vistas with the electronically-adjustable panoramic sunroof, which will expand the feeling of space.

The imposing lines of the bonnet are complemented by the profiled contours of the headlamps and the equally crisp front fog lamps – their design paying homage to Czech glass-making.

The perfectly balanced proportion, the large glass areas and the headlamps sweeping around the slides lend the car’s profile an extraordinary visual presence and emotional appeal.

The interaction between convex and concave forms on the rear of the car creates a striking interplay of surface light. Speaking of the light, the LED technology combined with crystalline elements in the distinctive C-shaped rear lights further adds to the feeling of poised elegance.

* Note: product images are for illustrative purposes only